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Here at grange farm we are most known for producing seasoned hardwood logs and hay, haylage and straw for the equine industry. But over the past 3 years we have diversified on to other things so now it is time to let you all know about our future plans and what we have achieved so far.

Three years ago we decided to start growing our own pumpkins and open up the fields for the public to come pick there own we decided to do this as we had sold pumpkins over the previous years just from in the yard but people who was coming to purchase them wanted to actually pick there own from the fields so the year after we decided to give it a go. What can we say we where not disappointed by this new venture we sold a few thousand.

After watching the public enjoy the time here picking pumpkins but also petting our animals we decided to try a Christmas grotto we thought even if we got just a handful of people we would be happy. But we where so wrong we had 100s coming and they all really enjoyed it we got some fantastic feedback. We where delighted with the outcome so in the summer of 2018 we decided to create a small outdoor play area and a indoor hay barn where the children hid in the hay bales and played for hours in there. So when it came to 2019 we knew that we needed to do something better so we started to convert one of the big barns into a two story tearoom which is still ongoing you can view the progress pictures in the gallery. We also started to convert the outdoor office space into a small tearoom so we could get it open for April ready for our Easter event we put on for the children.

We also converted the back barn into a indoor animal barn as well as the back paddocks into individual animal paddocks so we had room for plenty animals so through out the year of 2019 we have added and bought more animals so that there is plenty for the children to see and feed whilst here at the farm.

This was very costly and a bit of a gamble but it has been well worth it specially to see families enjoy every minute of the day here whilst they are here. We started children’s birthday parties in 2019 and from April - September we catered for 250. We can honestly say although 2019 has been a hard busy expensive year for us we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and it gives us more of a incentive to make 2020 even bigger and better.


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